Wallpaper, Where do I paste?

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This week’s job was for a good regular customer. Straight forward enough, prepare a bedroom and ensuite. Emulsion ceiling and three walls. I used Dulux Quick Dry Eggshell for ensuite ceiling to offer added durability. Abraded the door casings, skirting and shutters applied Dulux Quick Dry Undercoat and Gloss as we are moving with the times.

Finally I was due to paper the feature wall. My customer had shown me the wallpaper she had bought. Even shown me the sample swatch she had initially been sent, which felt and looked a quality product, so I was anticipating having am enjoyable morning hanging it.

I set up my paste boards checked wallpaper labels, “as you do!”, then opened first roll and stretched it out across my paste board to get a proper look.

As usual I took a customary glance at the instructions on the rear of the label. More often than not these are all very similar.


  • Inspect rolls prior hanging – check
  • Mark a straight line on the wall – check
  • Use manufacturers recommend paste – check
  • Paste the wall and apply the paper – ch…….hang on a minute…..looked again at label…. so you’re telling me a wallpaper costing £80 a roll is a paste the wall one…I must admit it surprised me a little.


Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against paste the wall, wallpapers. I used quite a bit of Novamura in its day which was lightweight generally small patterned hence hung directly of the roll.


I also understand the reasoning behind them, especially with non woven papers pasting the wall reduces or even eliminates the chance of uneven stretching that sometimes occurs when you apply paste to it.
Noticed in last few years more manufacturers producing paste the wall versions.
This one was a respected name Cole & Son, the reason I was surprised was until I actually looked at the back of the label no mention of pasting the wall had cropped up.

I was however please with the end result as was my customer.



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