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Gone are the days when one brush did all, now there is so much diversity and not every brush suits every decorator so these are my personal findings.

I first became aware of Truestar as a company at the

National Paint and Decorating show in Coventry November 2013. Where I was actually given a free MF brush to try, being a big fan of another major brush brand Purdy, if I am honest I didn’t take this new pretender seriously.

Short description

Over the next few months the Truestar MF remained in my van, but gradually I found my existing brushes where not creating the desired finish in many water based trim products so I began to use a variety of brushes. I believed I had come to a solution with another new brush firm but still found their bristles a little course meaning more care was needed laying off.

Until one day I gave the MF a try, its bristles felt too soft and floppy although once they were actually in the paint the weight feels just right. Over next few weeks I flirted between both manufactures products until the latest Dulux formulation of water based trim came out. Here I found the MF far superior than any previous brush I had tried so it became my brush of choice for the next 6 months. I purchased more and began to use them every day pushing them to the limit.

Never during this time have any of my MF brushes shed a bristle. Most manufacturers recommend washing your brush out every two or three hours when using water based trim products to prevent clogging. Whilst I agree this is best practice on a couple of occasions I have worked eight hours without the MF clogging or needing a wash. Then at the end of each day, washed out lovely, combed and stored in its protective cover and it was ready for the next day. The MF is like most synthetic brushes used in water based, dependant how hard you treat them there lifespan will be between 6 – 12 months.

Even after this because the bristles still maintain their edge you could still use the brush for light duties for some time.

The MF is ergonomically designed slimmer than many major brush brands, but the natural handle sits nice in your hand and remains comfortable for long periods of work. With the design of the bristles being long and thin you will find you can cut in precisely with a wider brush than you normally could of some others.


Outstanding build quality

Comfortable design

Precision bristles

Excellent value for money


Not widely available

Sadly as with all synthetic brushes lifespan is shorter than traditional bristle.


This is one of those companies you should not judge for their interesting marketing because behind the glitzy promotion is a genuine professional product, which has been designed and manufactured to the most demanding standards.

After quite a lot of research the MF is my preferred choice of synthetic brushes in water based products. I would recommend lightly moisten the bristles before use and ensure it’s thoroughly cleaned after use before putting it in a protective sleeve to store ensuring maximum longevity.

Build quality 96/100

Design 90/100

Value for money 90/100

Foot note: This review was written in 2015 and its content is still relevant in the current market.


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