The New Normal

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Over the last twelve months the whole country has seen unprecedented circumstances occurring, ALL those on the front line have done us proud, slowly, gradually we all will have to return to “The New Normal”

For the foreseeable future, its going to be a world where social contact is minimized, hygiene regimes are increased and hopefully a little more compassion towards our fellow humans are shown. So perhaps its taught us something?

Previous health issues meant during this both my right hand man Mark and I needed to self isolate, we also needed to protect my parents. Now it appears we made those first tentative steps back to work late last year and have been cautious ever since, taking time of, if required to protect ourselves and customers.

Personal Protective Equipment had been sourced, Mrs W, made masks, we didn’t want to deplete stocks to those front line workers, who’s needs are greater than ours. We will try and manage risks to keep ourselves and our customers safe

We have worked alongside with the Dulux Select Scheme, we are members of, to promote “safer working practices” for decorators and other trades. We adhere to Government Guidelines and keep up to date with any changes to ensure we are remaining vigilant.

It does give me glimmers of hope that my parents have been given first dose of the vaccine, we are moving forward positively, yes I realise it probably not fast enough for many but we are living through something nobody has experienced before. We just need to show tolerance and compassion for each other and we will get through this together.

Finally as I hope that some people in “the Trade” do actually read this drivel, its tough for everyone make no mistake, its not a weakness to reach out for a little help Dulux took the initiative again and these outstanding members stood up and took on the role of Mental Aid First Aiders. Sure this is proof that even lowly tradesmen & women have hearts of gold, well almost it wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t a little retro lol.


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