The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

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The current pandemic truly brings out The Good, The Bad and The Ugly in people, last week had a phone call from a “Mr J***s S*****s” from HMRC Collections department! Mentioned the corona virus deferral payment scheme, that He would transfer us onto it providing I paid my “current arrears” of £1*%$,

I questioned who he was since, he called me. He said to confirm who he was I’d be passed on to a manager. The phone went quiet for about 3 minutes, then another gentleman (I use the term lightly as you’ll see) calling himself Mr D**** J*******e a manager of the collections department. He began quite abruptly saying I needed to pay the arrears prior moving onto a deferral scheme, he became insistent about me telling him how I would pay. His mood got worse when I kept repeating if he was HMRC I’d pay via my usual method, via my usual bank, which he should already know. Despite him asking three times I never gave him further details.

The conversation changed then from him trying to sound official to getting out of hand, he first threatened imposing a fine of £1000, then he stated he would send collection agents around now to collect it, but it became ridiculous when he said “their big guys and one is a black belt in Karate”. At this point I told him to send them, he became more abusive telling me to put the phone down, foolishly I did, which you shouldn’t really do as they can retain the line should you try and contact the police. I called my parents house though telling them to ignore any phone calls from HMRC  in case they tried their number too. So satisfied my phone line had not be hijacked I called Action Fraud to report the incident.

Following morning an officer from Met office cyber fraud squad telephoned to inquire was I alright after reading the action fraud report and had I noticed any accents or other details. He said this is becoming more common during these times as criminals are fueling fear to fraud innocent business..

Be careful out there guys, during these Unprecedented Circumstances there are a lot of people working tirelessly for the good of humanity, but there are a portion who are using it as an excuse to be fraudulent