Owld painter tales II

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Another story from the “Owld Painter Tales” Dad recalls from his youth would have modern health and safety officers wince in their yellow jackets. Again we start with the young Victor as an apprentice this time as part of a team of three undertaking the painting work on the local bus station.

Bearing in mind they are only working off three or four planks moved over the iron girders with the buses still operating below. Dad tells me of the two men he was working with, one the foreman was a huge man, a gentle giant who had instructed the young Vic to “sit on the girder and let him move the planks about” which he done with relative ease like throwing match sticks about Dad says.

Now the other painter was smaller build still a nice guy, but had an issue with what we now know as epilepsy. Dad had never seen anyone “take a fit” before, whats worse when it happened over 40 feet above the bus garage floor and your only on four planks it must have been quite a shock.

Now I know in today’s world this would be judged as incorrect like most of the actions in these series of reconciliations, but remember we can’t judge actions of the past by today’s standards, hence when the painter took a fit, the foreman told the young Vic “sit still”, then he headed over to his colleague, knocked him out cold, caught him and gently laid him on two planks, saying to my surprised Dad “there he’ll be safe for now until we can get him down”.

Yes I’m fully aware that judged by today’s world there are so many things wrong here. But through quick and decisive action the forman saved that painter that day and he made wasn’t any worse for wear once he came around.


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