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Yes I don’t think my Dad would mind now if I called him an old decorator. Often we chat about how things were during his apprenticeship and how over the years painting and decorating is continually evolving. I’m going to share some of his stories via our website.

Hope you find them entertaining.

With that in mind here’s one from his days of an apprentice. As a young lad occasionally he would be driven about by his boss doing menial tasks. On the particular day in question they were dropping off some scaffolding for the sign-writer “Ozzy” to do a name board on a shop at the lower end of town.

The scaffolding consisted of a couple of trestles and a couple of planks, placed neatly in-front of the job by the keen young Victor at 8 am in the morning. They drove past the job on two other occasions at 9.15 am and at 10.50 am,  the scaffold had not be moved and there was no sign of “Ozzy”. The boss had an idea where “Ozzy” would be but Dad hadn’t.

At 12.15 pm they drove past the job once more, the sign had been written completely, the scaffolding was laying back down in a pile and once again the elusive “Ozzy” had disappeared. As the young Victor put the scaffold back in the van he asked what was going on.

Apparently like many of his peers in those days “Ozzy” needed the pubs to open to gain a little of the dutch courage, prior being able to write the sign.


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