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Coral Paperwiz


Ok let’s be totally up front and honest here, this isn’t really a new tool. It’s a bold copy of our old friend the Wall-wiz.  Nothing wrong there I hear you say, if Wall-wiz has gone out of production fair play to Coral for reintroducing a replacement copy.

Short Description

These types of tools do have their uses admittedly, although I sometimes think they are not as versatile as the manufacturer would suggest. Perhaps it’s only because I am such a dinosaur I still like to use my papering brush when hanging the majority of wall coverings.

Using a cutting guide to knife wall papers probably started with the use of an artex caulking tool and things have evolved from there. The Coral Paperwiz and its predecessor the Wallwiz introduced these standalone tools which have been designed to replace at least three traditional ones.

I find it will only work as a replacement for my papering brush on certain smooth surfaced papers, hard wearing vinyl’s are quite good and recently the current trend of paste the wall papers seem to work ok if smoothed with the Paperwiz.

In my opinion it’s no use on textured wallpapers or those which go very soft when soaked as it can take the surface of delicate papers, where a soft papering brush can be used gently.

Not sure about its suitability as a seam roller, rubbing a hard piece of plastic over a seam on some papers would just shine the seam like many plastic seam rollers used to.

The Paperwiz’s final trick is it can be used as a cutting guide, yes despite  it being fractionally thicker than the original Wallwiz which in turn was thicker than most plastic caulkers, I like it, I like it a lot.

I always reach for the Paperwiz now when wallpapering, recently I hung some paste the wall paper and never used my papering brush once, just Paperwiz’ed for smoothing on and cutting guide.

Admittedly as a cutting guide you need to pay attention, push the Paperwiz into the desired position and get the blade of your knife resting right against the curve at a slight angle so you get a close cut, but once your there you can create straight consistent cuts every time.

As decorators it’s also fun that these come in a range of translucent colours, bringing a bit of fun into our tool boxes which I applaud.


Lightweight translucent design

Solid Construction

Tactile feel

Fun Colours


Trimming guide edge takes practice

One radius corner adequate.


Priced at under £5 from various outlets there is no reason why everyone who hangs wallpaper should have one of theses in their kit, even if you only use it for one of its multitude of abilities it would be a worthwhile addition. Easy to use, easy to keep clean and useful little product

Comfort   9/10

Cleaning 10/10

Application 7/10

Value for money 10/10


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