Knowing your history makes you stronger.

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Despite the website being a painters and decorators one, we are not a faceless company, we still are a small family business, with that in mind, This blog isn’t necessarily decorating related, but it may give you a brief insight into who I am . When I was born, all those years ago I was signed out of the local hospital as an A1 baby. It was only once my mum got me home she began to notice that I had difficulty with some things.


Despite various discussions with health visitors and doctors they could not find anything obviously ailing me. It was only through my mum’s perseverance and a particular nurse who noticed a new mothers concern that I was eventually referred to see a paediatric specialist in the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle.

It was here I was looked at by a Dr Falmer and Dr Bonham-Carter where they discovered my complaint, those two doctors probably saved my life and I am very grateful to them, as it was their recommendation that I should be referred to Great Ormond Street Hospital for sick children in London.

Over the coming years I had many trips to GOSH in London for tests, checkups and operations. I suppose some things were not pleasant, I know I still have a phobia towards needles to this day. Although apparently I must have had some determination and stubbornness to fight through any adversity the world threw at me.

This must have been the beginning of building my character trait; rumour has it that I have patience and perseverance. Perhaps that helped me to learn my trade, as time progresses you can get stuck in a rut and do not want to move forward with improvement and new developments both your work and personal life

Hopefully in my future I will continue on my journey learning about new techniques, products and tools within my trade, as well as keeping some traditional skills alive, that I can share with my customers and the next generation of decorators. Our core values have always been quality over quantity.

From my fortunate beginnings I have always maintained reasonable health, naturally I suffer bugs and viruses like anyone will but have been lucky to able to carry out a job I enjoy which although being fairly physical, helps maintain my health without holding me back. I also try and maintain a positive attitude towards things in general.

Firstly I must apologise now that I choose not to work 365 days a year any more, as I also value the time spent with my family. I am always happy to advise and estimate new works at any time mutually convenient, with the understanding I will get to you, please remember once you’re in my book, I won’t forget you.

However I make no excuses for asking for your support if I am trying to raise funds to assist Great Ormond Street Hospital in their future as it’s truly a place close to my heart. 2016 marks 40 years since my final operation in this marvellous place, my parents have just returned from visiting the 140th anniversary of the hospital chapel St. Christopher’s

The final request in this blog is for anyone reading to look at the pictures, of a card I have had for 40 years, if you see your name or someone you know please feel free to share or comment.


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  1. Peter whiter  January 14, 2017

    GOSH is a wonderful hospital filled with heart warming and dedicated staff, your story I will share with friends and family sean, good to see you on the mend.

    • Sean  January 15, 2017

      Hi Peter thank you for your kind words of support as always a true gentleman and good friend. Yes GOSH holds and extremely special place in my heart. Recent events where nothing to do with my history there though but, it appears my body keeps giving me surprises to keep me on my toes.


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