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Judging from the picture below, it will come as no surprise I am a fan of these Big Wipes, Heavy Duty 4×4’s cleaning wipes. I’m also a fan of the firm’s Power Spray cleaning solution, too; in my experience both products are the best on the market. 

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Living somewhere as isolated as I do, new products take time to filter onto the shelves of my local decorator centre. Until recently, we didn’t have as much access to the internet either, so we just got by with what was available locally. The first wipes I used were self-branded ones a from a local builder’s merchant called Travis Perkins. They were okay; you could just about clean your hands with them, but they were little more than repackaged baby wipes.

A few years ago, I found a small display of Big Wipes in Travis Perkins, so I purchased a tub to try. The difference between the products was like night and day. Big Wipes heavy duty wipes are much harder wearing than any builder’s merchant own brand or any of their recent competitors such as Grime boss or Hippo Wipes.

Having used various types over the years, I always return to what is my opinion the best on the market. Big Wipes are not only good at cleaning your hands, but tools or spills are easily mopped up from various contaminates such as paint, oil, grease, caulk, foam, silicone and general grime.

I have used the Big Wipe Heavy Duty 4×4’s as a light degreaser and mild abrasion pad on some jobs, too, and they performed the task with no issues.

Having gone through a period where I had relatively poor skin, (a form of eczema so I’m told), I need to be careful about the chemicals I use. Again, using a Big Wipe hasn’t aggravated my skin and I have looked into their composition to ensure they are free from solvents that may cause irritation.



Tough durable fabric

Excellent cleaning properties

Pleasant smell

Dermatology tested


Prices sneaking up

Shouty advertising video



My preferred Big Wipe is the heavy duty 4×4 ones as they have many uses. Expanding foam or ready mixed light weight fillers are renowned for clogging your tools, but Big Wipes can easily remove both. I found even when filler has almost dried a Big Wipe will still remove it from filling blades, hands, van door handles and anywhere else it gets to.

They really are an essential piece of kit in the van now and even after using all the wipes we often recycle the packaging as a handy container.


Cleaning ability 9.5/10

Durability 9/10

Kindness to skin 8.5/10

Scrubbability 8.5/10

Value for money 8.5 /10




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