Here is a little of our history

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Here is a little of our history, more to follow naturally. Time is progressing on once more and our little website has received another minor update so I am reviewing my blogs and updating them as we go, please excuse me if you’ve seen them before.

As this was my very first real blog on here I thought I would start by looking back a little, my apprenticeship started in 1983, my Dad had just bought the little Mini van in the picture. When he signed the van up it was just done as Vic Wilkinson I wasn’t even allowed a mention at that time. In the following years we progressed onto slightly bigger vans as you can see.

We are with you in all weathers for all your decorating requirements,

V. Wilkinson & Son are entering their 50th year in 2018, we shall look forward to working with our customers bringing their decorating ideas to reality.

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