Extracurricular activities in decorating

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Recently I have been doing extracurricular activities from my day job and decorating at home. It’s surprising how these jobs help your home life run smoother.  During this project it made me think more about a potential customer’s process of actually employing a professional decorator.

This is naturally something I do consider but until now have never written about.  Obviously in most households I assume there will be a discussion between the partners involved about doing a bit of decorating.

I wonder at what point some people decide to involve a professional decorator.

Perhaps they value their free time and don’t want to spend it painting a chore many people dislike.

Or they simply do not feel confident to undertake the task at hand, knowing what tools and materials are required and how to carry out some jobs can be daunting if you have never needed to do it.

There is the occasional job a customer starts, but becomes overwhelmed by it and asks a decorator to step in and complete.

Of course there are those who would always know the value of employing a decorator for a culmination of the reasons above usually.

So once a potential customer has began the process of employing a professional decorator, the initial impression has been made when the prospective job was viewed to be estimated and the price has been accepted ….what happens next?

Some customers like a firm date to be arranged others are flexible, especially if it’s an exterior job as we can’t always guarantee the weather.

Usually on my jobs I have found predominately any exterior work is discussed with the husband or male partner of the house, while interiors are generally the lady. Naturally in both situations a good decorator should be able to recommend the best specification and be able to offer impartial advice towards colours and finishes.

This brings me back to my own little project, my wife is also involved within the home decor market for over twenty years she has designed and made curtains and soft furnishings for a local furnisher store. As she knows a thing or two about colour coordination it lead to some interesting discussions when she mentioned how she would like the rear hallway redecorated.

I was extremely sceptical at first towards her colour suggestions but once again I have to admit as I am sure in many cases “the wife is always right”.

Despite the rather bold accent colour she managed to break it up with the additional features of a black board and cork board, one wall painted white , even managed a Luxury textured painted panel with crystal sparkles  the inspirational quote was actually my input and idea but the curtain & blind where once again left to the wife to arrange



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