#askapainter Can I just strip the top of the existing wallpaper and re-paper over it

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Before feature wall

After feature walls

In theory most older vinyl wall coverings were actually designed to be able to do this, dry strip of the surface paper, leaving a backing ‘lining’. Personally I was never a huge fan for several reasons.

Every time you removed the top of the wall covering it always manged to loosen a little of the ‘lining’ usually around the edges so you had remedial work to attend to right away.

I was never convinced once you started to the wet the lining again with the fresh paste of the new wall paper it wouldn’t be as solid hence blister up causing problems later.

Usually you start papering a room from the optimum place, working out lengths so you rarely get any silly little edges. Having to additionally work to stagger across the previous ‘lining’ joints just makes life harder than it actually needs to be.



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